Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Coffee

Does your morning start with a cup of coffee? Polls from various sources indicate that over 50% of adult Americans consume a minimum of one cup everyday. You don't have to stop and think too long to realize that that's a lot of coffee!

Thanksgiving Coffee, a family run business since 1972, understands not only how important quality coffee is, they understand the problems that harvesting coffee can cause, which is why they focus their business on sustainability, both for the environment and for the laborer. Thanksgiving Coffee partnered with Trees for the Future to insure that the land their growers work with is replenished regularly. They've also partnered with 7 small family-run farms throughout Africa and South America, which produce quality blends, each with its own unique aroma and flavor. Certification by TransFair USA insures that these laborers are earning a sustainable wage for their craft. Remember, it's not just a cup, it's a just cup.

Thanksgiving Coffee is honored to include their Fair Trade coffee for the White House outreach!

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