Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jackie DeCarlo

Jackie DeCarlo is an author, educator and activist for fair trade and the effects of responsible consumerism. Her extensive travels have shown her first hand how producers need and benefit from a fair trading system and how consumers too benefit from responsible shopping habits. Her book, “Fair Trade: A Beginner’s Guide,” is a great read for any American who shops, which is everyone! Jackie empowers consumers (or “traders” as she eloquently calls us) to "reclaim the American dream...

Many of Jackie's early ideas and ideals about trading
responsibly were shaped by a group called
Center for a New American Dream and from the New Road Map Foundation. Jackie's introduction to Fair Trade came while on a faith-based delegation to Chiapas, Mexico about a decade ago, and as a Quaker she finds Fair Trade an effective, intriguing and fun way to frame her economic decisions. As a D.C. resident, she's especially pleased to have a way to engage with her neighbors in the White House on an issue of economic justice.

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