Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Rhythm Section

"We all have an opportunity to help shape the sights, sounds, people, and culture...let's do this together." (Rhythm Section's Derrick Ah Sam)

There's nothing better than the smooth blend of music mixed with an effort to bring social justice around the world. This is exactly what The Rhythm Section, whose goal is to spread love through the gift of music and share their passion for music with you, accomplished by signing on as a committed member of Fair Trade the White House.

At Anti-Body's Pre-Launch Party in May (at Downtown LA's e3rd), DJ's of The Rhythm Section mixed their way through an evening of music and Fair Trade to invite First Lady Michelle Obama to Fair Trade her Home. Anti-Body worked with Video Symphony to cut together DJ's For Fair Trade to highlight the event.

Check out The Rhythm Section on Facebook and on MySpace and see their commitment at FTWH!

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  1. Anti-Body had so much fun at the Pre Launch party for Fair Trade the White House with you guys!