Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Media, PA

Not only is Media, Pennsylvania known for its charm (they have a working trolley no less!), trees and friendly community, it's also the first Fair Trade Town in the U.S. (and the first city to sign on with Fair Trade the White House)! On July of 2006, Media announced its fulfillment of the following 5 international criteria to be recognized as an official Fair Trade Town:

  • A local Fair Trade steering committee is formed that meets on a regular basis. The aim of the committee is to increase awareness of and demand for Fair Trade products through education, outreach, and events.
  • A range of Fair Trade products is available in local stores, cafes, and other venues. These include Fair Trade Certified products and products sold by retailers that are member of the Fair Trade Federation.
  • Fair Trade products are used by a number of local organizations such as places of worship, schools, hospitals, and offices.
  • The local campaign attracts media attention and visible public support, including press and radio.
  • The town and city council pass a resolution supporting Fair Trade and the local campaign.

Since Media's certification, 10 other cities have been inspired to do the same. Interested in learning how to certify your city? Check Media's First Fair Trade City website or TransFair USA to get started.

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