Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fair Trade Resource Network

Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN), an excellent, user friendly source to better understand Fair Trade, its principles and the communities it sustains, also provides easy, everyday ways you can get involved.

FTRN believes that a system of Fair Trade - built on mutually beneficial relationships that value integrity, accountability, and trans
parency - will:

* Promote respect for the dignity of all human labor;
* Produce models of economic equity and sustainability that can create broad positive social change;
* Provide an opportunity to connect with others and preserve cultural diversity;
* Align environmental sustainability with Fair Trade Practices; and
* Encourage collaboratio
n and cooperation to advance these principles.

That's why they've been working since 1999 to bring Fair Trade to every person in the U.S., as each individual makes a difference - with the promise of lasting benefits for working families around the world. Fair Trade the White House is fortunate to have FTRN as a resource and proud to collaborate as we work together to invite First Lady Michelle Obama to fair trade her home on World Fair Trade Day 2010!

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