Friday, June 19, 2009

Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena

Shoppers at Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena don’t have to sacrifice taste or high quality for social responsibility. Whether looking for home décor, jewelry, stationary, instruments or other handicrafts, Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena features all fairly traded items, so every purchase is an ethical one. Two principles of the fair trade movement are long term relationships and transparency. These same values are extended to the shopper by making personal stories from the artisans available with each item in the store.

In addition to the global mindset of fair trade, Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena has been a major voice in their local community, engaging residents to celebrate and practice fair consumerism. They’ve opened their shop to screen documentaries, lectures, drum circles and more. Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena is proud to invite First Lady Michelle Obama to make the White House a Fair Trade Home. Store Manager, Sam Bills expresses, "At the heart of the fair trade movement is the idea that many inspired individuals working within their own limited means can together accomplish something great. When Michelle Obama declares the White House fair trade she will be acknowledging that the synergy of the inspired, the very force that brought the Obama family to the White House, can also challenge the economic status quo through fair trade."

Ten Thousand Villages is a network of 81 stores that markets the handiwork from artisans in over 38 countries. Incidentally, “the global fair trade movement began with the founding of Ten Thousand Villages more than 60 years ago.”

Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena
496 South Lake Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101

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  1. Some of our favorite people volunteer here! Such a great place to shop, a little something for everyone.