Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Earth's Sweet Pleasures

Do you know how much chocolate is consumed in America every year? If you guessed about 3 billion pounds then you're pretty informed! Of course, most of that chocolate was bought and consumed at the expense of others through poor working conditions, unfair wages and child labor. But fairly trade chocolate is on the rise and beginning to have greater impact both here and abroad.

Earth's Sweet Pleasures contributes to the increase of fair trade cocoa distribution and helped to nearly double sales in 2008 from the previous year (TransFair USA). Earth's Sweet Pleasures' goal is to produce and market delicious, high quality organic foods in an environmentally friendly and socially conscious way and share a percentage of its revenues with select humanitarian organizations.

Chocolate just became one less guilty pleasure.

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Earth's Sweet Pleasures is certified by TransFair USA and is a proud supporter of Fair Trade the White House

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