Monday, October 5, 2009

Jones GABA on Got2BeGreen

Got2BeGreen posted a product review from Shelby Moser on Fair Trade the White House supporter, Jones GABA and their Fuji Apple Tea-Juice.

hen it comes to beverages, I tend to be a purist, craving only water, black tea or red wine for my drinking needs. The latest heat- wave, however, found me looking around in my fridge for anything cool to give me respite from the 100+ degree weather. I tentatively grabbed the can of Jones GABA Fuji Apple Tea-Juice that had been sitting in the refrigerator, neglected because it wasn’t one of my three favorite beverages. I had been meaning to try it - all in the name of fair trade - but the last thing I wanted was a sugary chemical drink with mystery ingredients a mile long. Even though I admittedly had to look up the name of my drink (Gamma Aminio) Butyric Acid, or GABA , helps to increase the production of brain waves and strengthen focus and clarity), I was comfortable with words like “natural,” “tea” and “apple.”....

Read the rest of this review (and others!!) at Got2BeGreen and see how GABA can help you! And visit Jones GABA for other tasty flavors.

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