Friday, November 6, 2009

Green America's Fair Trade Coordinator

Meet Green America's new fair trade coordinator, Elizabeth O'Connell!!

I joined Green America about two weeks ago as the new Fair Trade Coordinator, and I am very excited about it! I am originally from Rochester NY, but I actually grew up in Hong Kong and Switzerland. My interest in fairer labor conditions probably started when visiting a Chinese brick factory on a 7th grade trip, where the dust was so thick it was difficult to breathe and see. However, it was not until college that I got involved in the fair trade movement. As a member of the entrepreneurial club at NYU, I was a founder of the school’s first fair trade cafĂ©, an endeavor that was a ton of fun and a huge success! I also interned at Social Accountability international for a semester. After finishing college, I taught English in Cambodia for five months, and then worked in New York City, doing fundraising for a Cambodian children’s hospital.

At Green America I will be working on our fair trade programs and campaigns, including the fair trade pavilions at the Green Festivals and the Fair Trade Alliance newsletter. I will also be working on planning the Fair Trade Futures Conference.

Find out more about Elizabeth's adventures in fair trade at her blogspot.

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