Tuesday, September 15, 2009

USA vs. Europe

A blog post on Ethix Merch discussing the prevalence of fair trade in the United States and in Europe hit the web yesterday. Read Daniel Cardozo's take on "Fair Trade: USA vs. Europe". See where and how he suggests to buy, the growing trends of fair trade cotton and help bring greater fair trade awareness by signing the invitation to First Lady Michelle Obama to Fair Trade her Home!

Is the Fair Trade movement doing better in Europe than in the United States?

The question came up during an interesting conversation I had recently with a representative from the UK-based "Bags of Ethics" fair trade tote bag company. She insisted that while it is still difficult to find sweatshop-free and fairly traded merchandise in the United States, the situation is very different in Western Europe, where a wide variety of fair trade certified products are available on the market...

Read the blog entry in its entirety here.

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