Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Great Urban Race

“Hi, we’re Jeff and Jessica, siblings who’ve got our heads on crooked according to conventional wisdom. In between watching the Amazing Race, traveling, our normal jobs and school, we strive to fight global poverty. While Jeff recently completed his MBA in marketing and volunteers with the Boston Faith & Justice Network, campaigning for Fair Trade, Jessica has traversed the globe volunteering in places such as Thailand, Bulgaria, and Jamaica and is starting her MPH in Global Health at George Washington University this fall, hoping to specialize in nutrition and hunger.

We ran the Great Urban Race in Boston earlier this year, and we had so much fun that we decided to do it all over again in NYC - this time for a worthy cause. The Great Urban Race is a fast-paced scavenger hunt race, akin to the Amazing Race, which we avidly watch. In Boston, we were given a list of clues at noon, and with only a phone, street map, and ten minutes of Googling to help us figure out the clues (which ranged from “take a picture with a dog” to “solve this cryptogram, and run up Bunker Hill”), we finished a respectable 97th. We’re determined to do better in New York City on August 15.

We invite you to be a part of the good work we are doing. Throughout the day we will be interacting with the public at large, decked out in Autonomie Project apparel. The New York race will take us to the Upper West Side, TriBeCa, and Midtown. We will be shooting tons of photographs and meeting all kinds of interesting people along the way. We’ll also complete challenges and share why we believe it is time for Americans to consider changing the way we consume. Please follow us on Twitter to track our progress, help us with clues, and view live pictures from the New York City leg of the Great Urban Race.

Partnering with Autonomie Project just makes sense. Like us, they’re committed to seeing the eradication of global poverty. Like us, they want fair wages and environmentally- safe products. Like us, they want to save the world – and have fun doing it.”

Autonomie Project is an official member of Fair Trade the White House

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